All adult classes are £5.00 PAYG. For up-to-date information about our classes please see our timetable (pdf, 526Kb) also check out our very reasonable pricing structure (pdf, 296Kb).

For all other PAYG classes, they get a 15% reduction, making classes £4.25.


A strength & stability class, suitbale for all abilities. We'll focus on the abs and back and use the entire body to perform functional exercises that reflect every day movement. This class is great for lean muscle, better definition and improved posture.


A Hi-Lo cardio-conditioning workout which promises to work your entire body (16yrs+).


A barbell class that utilises weight room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls to tone your whole body. Each muscle group gets a workout whilst you work to burn calories and sweat out toxins! Guys and girls - get involved in this high-rep session (18yrs+).


"Fly like a butterfly, get champion fit with us". Box-FIT is an awesome workout! You'll get to work with pads and gloves to perfect techniques whilst working on strength and power. You'll also shape and tone your mid-section, back, arms and chest. Perfect for both women and men (18yrs+).


For people looking to really push their physical fitness, an energetic and supportive instructor will help you reach your physical potential. Come in pairs or teams and push each other on (16yrs+).

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A dance fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez in Colombia during the 1990s. The program combines international music with dance in an effort to make exercise fun. Classes use music based on salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton and other international music styles and forms. Come join the party!


Shotkan style taught by Mr Colin Fearis. You will learn new techniques and become confident in how to defend yourself. Plus, you get fitter, more flexible and learn good discipline and self-control. This class is suitable for all ages; we have adult and junior members who are all progressing together. Come along to try it out.


Just like 'Spin', this class will teach you how to exercise safely on an indoor bike and then take you through a series of seated and standing climbs, hovers, sprints and much more in order to increase your lung capacity and burn off heaps of calories! It's the best alternative to outside biking and a brilliant workout.


A mixture of styles for a truely stretching and relaxing workout. James will take you through a series of moves to ensure that your breathing is right, your posture is strong and that you're decreasing stress levels every step of the way. Yoga will help you to move easier, increase range of motion and perform better in other sports; so it's a great class for everyone. Ask yourself, "can I touch my toes?" or, "how hard does it feel to bend down and get back up?" Maybe time for some yoga?


This class complements all other training too. It focuses on good posture and for you to really engage with your core (all those ab and lower back muscles that we forget to keep in touch with). Core strength is what keeps you upright and helps you stay strong; it's your powerhouse. So look after it by taking a pilates class... hundreds of crunches won't give you a flat stomach, but pilates will.


If you're a student, with a valid NUS card, then you can take advantage of our discounted classes. We're offering five Pilates or Yoga classes for just £4.00 each or £5.10 per class.

For all other PAYG classes there is a 15% discount making classes £4.25 per session.

For more information see our class timetable.

If you require more information please get in contact with us.

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